Friday, July 31, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

With temperatures hovering in the mid to high 90's, It is very uncomfortable. Midweek has been quiet, well except for my family emergency. My eldest daughter was involved in a near fatal accident three days ago. She suffered a broken rib, arm, and collar bone along with three cervical vertebrae. The only serious injury is the broken neck, but even that is coming along nicely with the neurosurgeon suggesting that surgery will not be necessary. She will, however, have to wear a neck brace for quite a while. I want to thank all of you that have expresses prayers and best wishes. I truly believe they helped. The doctors are amazed that no apparent permanent damage was detected considering she had to be resuscitated at the accident scene.

Don't forget that Athol Daze will take place Saturday, August 8 with the parade starting at 10:00 am, M/C by yours truly. There will be some unusual events. Camel rides, and contests for the kids in the park following the parade. Starting at 4:00 pm is the annual American Legion jam session behind the Athol Legion. This year is special, since it is being hosted by Larry James and the Hwy 54 re-union. The Bell's will be there and a ton of talented musicians from around the area. This jam is open to the public.

In other local news, Chief Krill of the Timberlake Fire District tells us that J.D's and The Buttonhook are now in compliance with all fire codes, excepting the flame suppressant hood in the Buttonhook, which has until re-opening in the spring to replace. The fire district also warns against any outdoor burning, as fire danger is extreme.


Me said...

Our prayers are with your daughter. Nothing like an accident involving your child to add a few gray hairs.

By the way, is there any place in Bayview or Athol to meet my parents for breakfast this coming weekend?


Bay Views said...

Yes, Sparky, you can have breakfast in Bayview from Thursday thru Sunday at the Captain's Wheel.

Anonymous said...

Just an observation in and around the Bayview area at various locations both comercial and res.
It's time to replace your wind freyed United States Flag.
Starting with the one at the Buttonhook .
Be sure the light works if you fly it 24 /7 .
The VFW will destroy old flages properly