Monday, July 20, 2009

A little late

I'm not very timely with this story, given that it is a couple weeks or so old. A retirement party was held June 27 for long time city clerk of Athol, Charlotte Hooper. After 24 years, Charlotte is hanging it up. A retirement party was held Saturday, June 27 with several dignitaries present. Sheriff Rocky Watson, Mayor Lanny Spurlock, along with former mayors, Jean Hill and Jorene Bohn.

A contingency from the Timberlake Fire District dropped in and of course, Charlotte's replacement,Sally Hansen and numerous family members and friends. Above, a few pictures of the event.

Pictured from top and left to right are: Charlotte Hooper and Rocky Watson; Lanny spurlock, Jean Hill and Jorene Bohn; Charlotte & Sally, the departing and arriving city clerks.

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