Sunday, July 05, 2009

It's Over

Undoubtedly the biggest and best Bayview Daze celebration ever, occurred on the 4th. Further more, we are probably the only parade in Idaho that featured camels. But its wasn't just camels, we were blessed with numerous entries which included the Grand Marshalls, Lloyd & Patty Pierce and Timberlake High School Jr. Miss, Hannah Oden. Cathy Armstrong did a magnificent job singing the National Anthem. Jeanene Crist, who lives in the Athol area, is a famous camel trainer that used to train both Dromedary and Bactrian Camels in Arizona. One can imagine their probably aren't very many crowding that specialty in our country.

Many organizers worried that the competition from other 4th venues would dampen the numbers, but quite the opposite occurred. Certainly, the parade entries were almost double what we had in the past.Over 75 entries, some of them multiple vehicles joined the parade this year.Everything from a giant 19th century bicycle with a huge front wheel and a tiny rear one, Kootenai County Mounted Posse and many other great entries. I'll be posting [ictures of these events for the next few days.Right now, here's a few.


Anonymous said...

Herb, a friend of mine is wondering is the bikini clad dancer married?

Bay Views said...

Wo, that I am not young enough to get there. Her name is Lacy, and if you supply your friend's e-address, I'll forward it for him.