Saturday, October 03, 2009

Burning Now Allowed

Date; October 2, 2009

From: The Kootenai County Fire Chiefs Association

Glenn Lauper, Coeur d’Alene Fire Department 208-769-2340

RE: Open burning and Yard Waste Burn Permits are available October 3, 2009 from your local fire department and the Idaho Department of Lands.

Due to the recent change in our weather, the Kootenai County Fire Chiefs have agreed to allow open burning throughout the county. Please contact your local fire department to obtain permits and specific requirements.

The following restrictions only apply to the city of Coeur d’ Alene. Cost $2.00

A burn permit is required and the permit is subject to the following requirements:

1. A yard waste and clean-up permit is good for the 10 days after the date issued.

2. The fire shall be a minimum of 50 feet from any structures or other combustible materials unless: The pile is less than 2 feet high and 3 feet wide. Then 25 feet clearances will be adequate.

3. Burning shall be conducted during daylight hours only. The fire must be totally out by dark

4. The fire shall be attended at all times.

5. Attendant shall have a hose connected to a water supply and readily available at all times.

6. The Fire Official is authorized to require that burning be immediately discontinued if smoke emissions are offensive to occupants or surrounding property.

7. Permittee shall call 1-800-633-6247, Air Quality Hotline, each day before 9:00am. A recording will advise permittee of acceptable environmental conditions. Burning shall only be conducted on a "Green" day.


Dry pine needles, dry lawn clippings, dry garden waste, leaves, and tree limbs.


Any type of plastics, rubber products, paint, paint cans, fiberglass products, carpeting, furniture, stumps, household garbage, and noncombustible or fire rated material. The permit is not for commercial logging debris or commercial construction/demolition materials.

Other types of burning permits are available, please call or contact your local fire department on week days from the hours of 8AM to 5PM.

If any of the regulations for burning are violated, the permit may be revoked immediately and you may be issued a citation for illegal burning.

The Coeur d’Alene Fire Department asks that you be considerate to your neighbors and to please consider recycling as an alternative to burning.

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