Friday, October 09, 2009

Scanner Reports

I avidly read the scanner reports as reported on Huckleberries online. Daily, Dave Oliveira posts the activities of the underside of our world in Kootenai county, Idaho. Some are funny, some tragic, but it makes for a great post, so here goes:

It appears that great good and equally great bad has risen with the birth of cell phones. To be able to instantly report accidents that may have been fatal, without instant response, of course is good. Also, the reporting of violent crimes hastens response is good also.The place that this system loses itself is when busybodies feel they have to report every single alleged aberration that occurs within their sight.

For instance, one such was a report recently of a suspicious male taking pictures of houses in a neighborhood. OK, so arrest the damned appraiser, for he probably will devalue your house. Or how about this one:

"4:03 p.m. Boy falls off bicycle @ Government Way & I-90. He’s uninjured." If he is uninjured, why the hell are you tying up the 911 line?

How about this one:

"3:27 p.m. R/P reports her son was almost hit by a blond woman driving recklessly while he walked home from school on 15th, north of Hanley." An emergency, or just a blond joke?

As to the guy that grabbed the pies without paying for them, I personally would have stepped up and paid for them. I'm concerned that more food thefts will occur in the near future due to the economic emergency.. My only complaint about the pie theft, is the lack of judgment of the thief. Pies don't have much nutritional value. Could he have been on a monster food trip? Well, I won't go there. After all, hunger is where you find it.

One of the great ones though, was this one: "Deer running loose one 15th near I-90."
One can only wonder, about all of those other deer that can't get loose, When did it get out that deer actually run loose in North Idaho.

I'm not sure what to say about the young lady that broke both ankles after jumping 15 feet.Rather than watching TV, come to think about it, I'm not sure we had that yet, we used to slide down a tar paper roof on waxed paper. The drop was about 9 feet. We did that for recreation. Perhaps this young lady was reacting from an emergency, in which case jumping was better than staying where she was. Perhaps the act of hanging out in front of a TV or using X-boxes has taken the resiliency from our young people's legs. Oh well, I am content to being able to step up two feet if absolutely necessary.

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Anonymous said...

I think they were pot pies. Hopefully he didn't get the munchies AFTER eating the pies.