Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ahh, politicians and their supporters. Yah gotta love them. The one thing that consistently saves our form of government is the extremists shooting themselves in the foot. In all my years, and their have been a bunch of them, I have witnessed time and time again, the extremists frothing at the mouth, insulting and condescending, as they drive the moderates away from them.

I myself have been vilified, not because of what I believe, but because I'm not one the them, the elitists. At no time is this more prevalent than as elections near. Spewing hatred instead of calmly trying to convert those that aren't with them, they drive voters even further from their positions because of their juvenile behavior.

This is not an attack of the right on the left, or the left on the right. It is a pox on both their houses, and I love it. If these Whackos ever became reasonable, using issues instead of vindictive hatred, they actually might find allies instead of running them off. Walt Minnick wasn't elected by the Idaho Democrats. He was elected by the thousands of Republicans that were sick of the Whacko that held that office. Moderates i, Whackos 0

Our partisan elections are run by such people, so that the reasoned moderate from both the left and right are swayed back and forth as a dog worrying a bone, not respecting their opponents or even those that aren't an opponent. I love it because with the predictable behavior of these childlike types, they will never win the voters trust. Democracy is safe as long as they don't catch on and become intelligent boosters, rather than rabid insults to the system.

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