Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Seasonal Changes

It seems just a few days ago that we were basking in 80 degree weather. Tonight, the first frost is expected in many areas, and definitely by Thursday night, when the lows are predicted to be around 25 degrees.

In Blaine county, Idaho, the first snowfall of the season closed at least one school. It seems that normally the leaves fall before the first snow, but with the deciduous trees still retaining their leaves, many branches broke from the weight of the snow, causing many power outages, including some schools.

Oktoberfest fishing derby ended Sunday with the largest fish, a 15 pound 7 ounce Rainbow walking off with the big bucks. Winners were Cory LaRue of Hayden with the aforementioned rainbow; Hal Bunyard, with a 5 pound 9 ounce Mackinaw; Vern Scott of Garfield Bay, with a nice 14 pound 7 ounce Rainbow; Robert Blackstone of Coeur d'Alene with a 5 pound 1 ounce Mackinaw. As always, the entry fees went into a pool of which all funds were awarded as prizes.

As the weather turns colder, the local snowbirds are leaving in droves for points south, primarily Arizona. Jim & Jean Campbell late of Bayview, left their jobs as food service managers at the Lake Syskiyou Resort, and have landed in Wellton where Monday Hamburger night at the VFW will find Jim flipping burgers again. It seems that Jim & Jean haven't retired from the food business after all. Liz & Larry Justus are closed at their RV park and are shortly heading the same direction.

James Darling, after shedding his partners is finally building the first of three phases in his Bayview development. The former trailer park site was purchased by Darling in the spring of 2007, but spec building loans were next to impossible to obtain then. Since, construction costs have gone down substantially,allowing the final product to be priced more modestly also. The first phase will include 6 condos on the second floor and 6 motel units on the ground floor. More on that as things develop further.

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