Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fire Safety

While Timberlake Fire District hunts for temporary help regarding the massive sidelining of equipment, one must remember that all neighboring fire departments have mutual aid agreements. If more than one engine is needed, Timberlake can draw from spirit Lake, Rathdrum, Sagle and Northern Lakes. Hopefully there won't be any serious fires in the next two weeks, though. Keep in mind that mechanics are working full time to get more equipment on line.

This would, however, be an excellent time to be aware of fire safety. Extension cords, space heaters, especially cause many fires and they can be prevented easily.If you must use an extension cord, make sure it is plugged in all the way without any conductive prongs showing. Do not cover them with carpet or any other material that is flammable. If it is absolutely necessary to use a spaceheater, make sure it is clear of any flammable material. Also never use a heater that doesn't have a tip over safety switch. If using portable propane heaters, be sure to have a carbon monoxide detector that is operable.

We'll get through this scary period, but in order to effect the repairs needed, the entire current budget has been used up. That the voters will be asked to approve a permanent bond issue is obvious. Taxes are not well thought of in North Idaho, but if the services are wanted and needed, sometimes we have to pay the piper.I have talked to chief Krill extensively and can assure you that he cares deeply about protecting his firefighters, but also the people that he is entrusted to protect.

We will report back as more equipment comes on line in the coming week. EMS is not affected by this equipment crisis. Both units are owned and maintained by Kootenai county and are in full serivce.

Chief Krill has generously agreed to do a regular fire safety column in these spaces soon. Look for his feature in the next few days.


jeric said...

Wow! Nice blog!

By the way I want to share this Fire Safety: It's All About Prevention

I hope this help.

Badrinath said...

Wow, awesome, I never even thought about something like that, but I would be devastated if my dog was ever in that situation. Thank you! I shall remember this when I have a little extra money to donate someplace.

Badrinath said...

As with all extensive training & equipment-we hope it’s never needed. This is a great story.Me and my lived-in girlfriend would dread the thought of would can happened to our two cats if there was a fire at our house.

Bay Views said...

Lived in ... Live in. two interesting plays on words with huge differences in meaning. Sorry, I have a warped sense of humor.

Anonymous said...


The meeting from Feb 17 will be continued tonight in Athol at 7:30 pm. Concerned citizens should be there for this important meeting. Last night was standing room only.


Susan Costa said...

Herb, great blog. Just now hearing about this fire district commissioner recall. Ridiculous and outrageous in it's accusations. Just might have to get involved to stop this tom-foolery.I missed last night's meeting, but will not miss the future meetings. Chief Krill needs to stay as does Jon Guinn. We need more front page news coverage, but sir, your blog is very well articulated. Kudos to you.

Anonymous said...

any word on whats going on with the bottonhook?