Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rumors Galore

It's this time of year when total boredom sets in that rumors start to fly. One such rumor, was that someone without a life of their own decided that because Jim Brown moved out of the RV Park at Lakeland, that he was fired. Not true at all. I just talked to Liz Justus who is, with, husband Larry, basking in 80 degree weather in Welton, Arizona. It turns out that even before Jim heard about his alleged firing, Liz & Larry heard about it in Arizona. This just proves that in this electronic age, rumors need not be spread locally when you can instead, spread them everywhere. Somewhere in Singapore, someone is shaking their head with sadness, hoping that Jim catches on with another employer.

Folks it Ain't true. Not only is Jim coming back next season, (park opens May 1), but he was given a generous raise. Larry & Liz Justus think of Jim Brown as much as their own kids. End of story. With reduced RV parking here in Bayview, it would behoove those without advanced arrangements to reserve a spot early. Justus's swill be back around the 28th of April.

There are other rumors abounding also. Most of these are not immediately proved or disproved, but Bob Holland is back in the news. One of the things that are more certain than death and taxes, is when the economy goes into the toilet, so do speculators, such as Bob. Most in town will not shed a tear if this stuff is true. The fallout, though, can be unpredictable and destructive to a small community.

First, a collection agency in Spokane has filed suit against Waterford Park, LLC for In excess of $28,000. For what is at this time unknown.

Also, and this is strictly rumor, the parking area at Harborview Marina is being foreclosed upon by the bank financing the project. According to the same unreliable sources, these parking spots, sold to float home and boat slip owners, was to have also included an eight unit condo has been in default. How this affects those that have purchased their slips that include a parking space, remains to be seen.It seems that in many cases, Waterford Park, LLC has made many sales without conveying title to said ;properties. We will try our best to ascertain the truth of the matter and get back to you.

Now that I have dispensed with all the rumors I have heard recently, we will return to the main menu, aka: facts. This next year could prove very interesting.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Poor Jim Brown. First JD's, now R.V Park.
He's a great carpenter, and handy man if anyone needs work done.