Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mountain Lion Alert- From Bayview-Idaho.com

According to Bayview Bob, a Cougar was spoted along the park fence behind First Street, February 8. Watch your pets and small kids. To a Cougar, they are pot luck.

As predator recovery plays out, we will see more Cougar and probably wolves, too. Hiking alone is not recommended. Keep some sort of noise maker with you, to warn animals that you are near. Most of them will avoid you if they know humans are present, unless they are surprised. The great outdoors we have enjoyed for years is not as safe as it used to be.

According to reports, the Cougar was spotted near noon which is unusual and may indicate a real hungry animal, or posibly injured. They generally hunt at night. According to park officials, there are usually two to three cougars that range around the south end of the lake, including Buttonhook Bay and the park. He also said there were around 14 black bears in the park, but they are rarely seen, as they are more afraid of you, than you, them.

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