Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"Chamber members voted tonight to allow the sausage guy to sell at this
year's Bayview Daze.
The vote was for this year only. Next year will go to a vote again.
The vote was very close, 13 to 12." e-mail from Cheryl Puckett:

This, the final bullet in the heart of the Chamber of commerce mission, will come back to haunt many in our divisive little enclave. We have degenerated into a place where the cliques and "I love me" groups are just barely outnumbered by the 25 chamber members of which only one or two actually own businesses. The rest couldn't give a rat's ass about local cafes and restaurants. We have a number of people that apparently boycott businesses whereby the buildings or the business themselves represent an apparent racial prejudice against Chan Karupiah. These people have to come to the conclusion that old Bayview is no longer the reality.

None of us know where this will end or how, but at the very least, we ought to protect our own businesses which are struggling to survive in this terrible recession. To Oppose the very heart of Bayview, with businesses closing and/or suffering is at the very least stupid. For me, I cancel my membership in this dysfunctional group.

Currently, the Buttonhook is operating at a loss, hoping that the summer people will turn this around. Bayview Daze is one of those ways they can.I suspect that the other small businesses are facing the same dilemma. When you look for a place to eat out, remember this attitude and stuff it. Am I pissed? You betcha. Several of my friends have money invested in food service. Your organization which purports to support local business is a damn lie.

What I suggest, since this group has proven it's incapability is that the businesses in Bayview form their own association, perhaps calling it the Bayview Business association. It is crystal clear that the Bayview Chamber of commerce hasn't supported business for a very long time, that we stop giving lip service to an organization that is more anti-development than pro business. If you have figured out that this s a divorce, you are very sharp.

I will continue to publicize all community events that come to my attention, as long as someone e-mails the details to me.

Almost 30 years ago, Liz Justus and then Lorraine Landwehr started Bayview Daze. Along with Jim Campbell and a few others they created what we have now and what is being destroyed by people that have an interesting if mysterious agenda.


Anonymous said...

Nice Job, Herb. You are the reason as to why we will not go to the Hook not because of the race card you are playing about Chan. Keep up with your nasty comments as that is really a help to the community. You don't think you are adding fuel to the fire? Wake up! This kind of journalism is about as credible as the National Inquirer. When will you start looking at the truth and start posting comments that are not in agreement with you? I know you won't publish this because you only want your views supported and if we disagree, we need to find our own "sandbox". Isn't that what you tell people? Publish or not -- I don't care! I am tired of your destructive garbage. Am I pissed? You betcha!

Jamie Berube

Bay Views said...

I published Jamie's comment because she signed her name. People that take shots at me from behind the "anonymous" shield will never be published.

Bob Prince said...

racial prejudice ?? Where did that come from ??

Bob Prince

Ric said...

Did I miss something? Did you just reprint an e-mail from Cheryl Puckett or was that your reporting Herb ??


Bay Views said...

The first paragraph was a quote from Sheryl's e-mail. The rest is an editorial my me, exibiting my disgust for the anti-business attitude by many in the very group that is supposed to support and foster a better business climate. All but one businrss in Bayview are up in arms over this slap in the face by the chamber. The other is an officer of the chamber and cannot be expected to disagree.

As to Chan, I played the race card because since he has not broken any regulations, or laws, or building & zoning regs, why he is still vilified by many. They raised rents? So do any other purchasers of existing businesses.

Chan has donated and donated generously to community projects, most under the radar. He only retaliates, when a group keeps sticking him in the eye with a sharp stick. The DAC has become a group of anti-growth people that are hell bent to stop any infraction or even a threat of (gasp) building something in the future that they may not like. This is a mob mentality. We need to get over the 2004 thought that Bayview will be this way for ever. It will not and has not.Catch up, folks.

Kathi said...

I'm confused. I checked and the following businesses are not nor have they been in recent years members of the Chamber of Commerce. The Buttonhook Restaurant, The Bay Cafe, JD's Bar, JD's Resort, Scenic Bay Motel, Scenic Bay Resort, Bayview Scenic Motel. I guess one would expect that each of these businesses will equally benefit financially from Bayview Daze events like all of the other businesses of Bayview, so my question to you is, "When do you suppose the businesses you speak of will start supporting the Chamber of Commerce instead of leaching for free and having you come to their collective unsupportive aid?"

Anonymous said...

When a comment is made during the Chamber meeting, as was made last Tuesday, by a member of the audience that the Chamber is not a Chamber of Commerce one has to question the goals of the current Chamber.
The vote for the one food vendor may have been legitimate, not sure that one members vote was counted, the Chamber decided its course of action concerning the July 4th event for this year.
The only way that businesses can be supported is by encouraging growth. Change is a fact of life, organizations deal with the change in order to move forward. Those organizations that do not deal with the reality of change are either left in the dust or die. The only way Bayview can flourish again is by removing the DAC from the Chamber of Commerce or by moving those who believe the Chamber is a social gathering. Our livelihood is being affected by the DAC and the social club called the Bayview Chamber of Commerce.
To personally attack anyone is counter productive. Herb does not deserve such treatment, neither does Chan.

Norma Jean

Anonymous said...

Herb, Get your facts straight! Chan has tried to get away with doing things without permits and you do not know what you are talking about. You just want yourself and him to be viewed as victims in the community. Get off the pitty pot! As I said before, you are not helping matters by your constant jabs at the DAC, the Chamber or anyone that disagrees with you. I have never seen you at any of the hearings especially the one last night. Had you been there, you would have your facts straight. The Commissioners stated that Krill's job was not going to be decided last night and neither was the merger of the two districts. They promised public input and made decisions without public input. You must be getting your facts from Norma Jean and Dennis who have gone to most of the Timberlake Fire Commissioner meetings to bad mouth Krill and get rid of him. God forbid if a government public servant does his job! IDL, Planning & Zoning and others can also be included besides the fire district. If they do their jobs, it is a guaranteed dismissal. Let business owners do what they want without care to public safety, health and welfare. Betcha no more requirements to fire proof marinas will be enforced and I am sure Dennis is lovin that, as it means less work for him. Thought I was pissed last night, you haven't seen nothing yet.

Jamie Berube

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not sure whether this will be posted or not but I do feel that I should put in my two cents worth. Bayview Scenic Apartments is indeed a member of the Chamber.
Who leaches from whom? Scenic Bay has donated its property for use during the July 4th weekend, without cost to the Chamber and the Chamber makes money from the vendors. That money goes where?
At one time Scenic Bay was a memeber of the Chamber but why would any intelligent business person donate their property to a group that allows the DAC to exist and attack its business?
The Chamber either needs become a real Chamber of Commerce or disassociate its self from the volunteer organization The DAC.

Norma Jean