Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time Out

It has become obvious that many members of our community failed community relations 101. At this time, even though these messages needed to be aired, it is time to quit. Both, if in fact there are just two sides, have had adequate opportunities to state their positions. Unfortunately, some, smug in the knowledge that their position is the only one that counts, have gone beyond polite debate to throwing rocks at each other. The sad part is that when adults become children, nothing good can come of that kind of behavior. That we have extremists in our community is obvious. The correct way to remedy that though, is to replace them with thoughtful people that are not ego oriented.

Let's head into Bayview Daze with a little positive attitude. If further debate is necessary, we need to put it aside while our community celebrates not only yet another year's Independence Day, but also our very own centennial.

There will be no more comments accepted on the editorial by ski. It has gone far enough, in fact too far. If anything positive has come out of this debate, it is that many feel the DAC has gone too far and has to be reined in. Either that, or as it started out, become a free standing organization without dragging the Chamber down with it.


Anonymous said...


And a grand celebration to you and those at the Hook. Hope we all have a successful holiday and a spectacular fireworks display.

Lay the politics aside and have fun.


BayviewBob said...

Sounds like it's time for a Bayview beer summit.

Anonymous said...

yes I believe you stated your case correctly. I had actually planned on writing my comments but know they would fall on deaf ears. I too plan on coming to bayview for the festivities. Unfortuanatly I only see it beneficial to bring family to firework show. There is not nearly enough things to do during the day since only local vendors will be present and as we all know bayview made a horrible mistake by covering every accessable inch of waterline with float homes. That is a mistake even cda did not make. I appreciate the little things that bayview has to offer but a once a year family friendly environment is not enough. Development must happen for it to attract people. Look to the future and quit trying to live in the past.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:15 - Applauding your comment as it is to the very point!