Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There are two issues in regards to Phil Hart. One is political philosophy, the other integrity. I have been a conservative, that has moved toward the middle in the last few years. (The mellowing with age thing) I remember my time working with Ronald Reagan and his family back in the mid-sixties. He was never about turning hard right forsaking those that were somewhere between Dems and republicans. Some even crossed the line (if there is one) each direction. In Ronnie's case, no way would he have respected a scofflaw on the basis of philosophy. He was an Honorable man and expected his people to be, likewise. He established the 11Th commandment for a reason. Up until his time the Republican party self destructed every election year due to shooting themselves in the foot. We are back to that in both parties.

In the last 30 years, I have seen the left move further to the left and the right likewise. Our political parties are ignoring the center like they don't matter. In my opinion that is why so many people have dropped out and don't vote. They know that the extremists control their parties in the primaries, giving no where to go for thoughtful people that don't do knee-jerk.

I charge the Democrats with the same sins as the Republicans. Philosophical purity will win primaries, but not general elections. Patting yourself on the back because you stayed true to your personal convictions is all fine and good, but at the end of the day the incumbent Republican is still in office.

I truly believe a Democrat could win in Kootenai county. One he or she would have to be widely respected as a person. Two following Minnick's example of hewing to conservative principles helps. The reward at the end of the rainbow is getting rid of “wing-nuts” of both persuasions.

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