Monday, February 20, 2012

Blogfest 2012

Well I scored a first Saturday. Unfortunately not the right kind of first. I missed my first blog fest since they started. I can't remember what year that was, but I organized it and we had about nine or so attendees here in Bayview. We held it at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant. Since then the idea has exploded, the Spokesman-Review has taken over sponsorship and I understand there were over 70 people present at the Fort Ground this year. I wasn't one of them.

The night before, I had a minor health issue that kept me awake for hours. Finally around 7:00am I got to sleep. I awoke around non and wasn't in any shape to go anywhere. I'm fine now but deeply regret the opportunity to see many of my friends again and to meet new ones as well.

As has been pointed out, it is amazing to see the camaraderie when everyone meets face to face rather than the sometimes snarls that occur on line. My theory is that typing into a computer takes the person out of the conversation to an extent that liberates some from the need for courtesy. On the other hand, face to face meetings tend to smooth the edges of differences in philosophy and brings the personalities out instead.

Since I missed my chance yesterday, I want to take today as an opportunity to greet all of you. I just wish I had been there, too.

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