Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Pet Peeves

Nothing bothers me while reading, to see grammatical errors committed by professional writers. Lately, I've noticed the word "on" being misused. I'll explain. Here's an example.

"Larry Coe will report on Monday to the team." This is incorrect. It should read Larry Coe will report Monday to the team. Using "on" suggests that Monday is the subject of the story instead of Larry. Please, if you continue using on, who knows where you will end up. But y'know, Irregardless, I'll still take the paper, but shudder at certain words or grammatical misplacement of them. (Above words  with tongue in cheek.)

Many of you are aware that I have written a few stories as a corespondent for the Spokesman-Review. That gig ended when the paper pulled out of the Idaho Handle Extra. I'm  criticizing a practice shared by many college educated journalists. I thought I'd warn you since I too, make grammatical errors, but I have an excuse. I am self taught.

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Bay Views said...

OL A very funny and totally true column this morning. We quit subscribing to the Daily Bee due to the incorrectly spelled words . . . drove us c-r-a-z-y. Even volunteered to proof read their paper - - no response and the spelling never got any better.
Always like when folks say they are “fixin” to do something. LOL

Have a great day and try to stay out of trouble.

Cheers, Z