Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Holidays Lost That Bug Me

It isn't that I resent the legacy of Martin Luther King. Dr. King was a person that only surfaces in two or three generations and then only when a calling or need occurs. The speech, "I have a Dream" still makes the hair stand upon the back of my neck.
 Celebrating his birthday is not a bad idea at all. What is a bad idea is sh*t canning our founding fathers, Washington and Lincoln.

In the infinite wisdom of our  politicians that decided Lincoln and Washington don't matter, Lincoln's birthday, February 12 and tomorrow's Washington's birthday, do not count any more. After all, (sniff) they didn't happen in our lifetime which as it turns out appears to be the only criteria that matters any more. You see, we are being ruled by those that do not think the father of our country and the man who kept it together aren't important.

From Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, The Roman Empire and of Course, Israel, gift of God, which was defeated by Rome and thence,the Diaspora to Europe, North Africa and even Egypt. Moslem Nations and tribes, tribes being more dominate than nations. have fought with each other over Awalite, Sheite, Sunni, the Soudi version and many other branches including the Kurds. Many do not know that Sal-Alladin, victor in the holy wars was a Kurd. History that isn't recent don't count.
Well, as usual I digress.

I mourn for the lasvish birthday parties we had in Grammer School celebrating the birthday of Abraham Lincon. Did any of you pause the 12th to praise his birthday? I thought not.

How about today. George Washington's  birthday. February 22. You know why we don't any longer celebrate his birthday either? Dr. King. It turns out that aside from the huge slam at out founding fathers, it was mostly how many national vacation days were available and how should they be parcelled out.

I am shamed, and I hope at least some of you are too.

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