Thursday, February 16, 2012

We Had A Revolution And Nobody Noticed

Yesterday in the Spokesman-review North Idaho blog, Huckleberries on line, a subject was brought up that featured a high school teacher that had offended a female teen with repeated profanity while teaching. Apparently she went to the principal with her objection and was brushed off. Her father then attempted to get the situation under control.

Thirty comments were offered on the blog. Out of that thirty, only eight agreed with the family. The rest didn't apparently see a problem, since folks out in society cussed all the time. Arguably some of the commenters were repeats since the discussion went back and forth.

After great reflection I realized that we as a society have turned 180 degrees. I was born in 1938, graduated from high school in 1956. If either a student or teacher had used profanity in the classroom whey would have been immediately banished.Back then we didn't have a drug problem, we were patriotic, respected our parents even though some didn't deserve much respect.

If a child misbehaved, any adult that witnessed the malfeasance would most likely march that child to their home where punishment usually ended with corporal punishment. Back then we didn't use fancy words like that. Translated, the kid got whupped. Yes spankings were legal, you could lock a kid in there room then too. If a child ran away from home they were promptly brought back by police or any parent that knew the situation. Now in many states, running away is alright and a parent cannot do anything about it. (Washington)

That was then, this is now. Very few vote even though we are among a very few nations that have that right. We used to throw out office holders, citing them for contemptuous behavior. Now we throw out the entire government with contempt. Even with the right to vote, many ignore what i going on around them, suggesting that they don't count and the "Man" will do what they want anyway.

Schools that have a student rebel, cannot take the kid into the back room for a few well placed swats on the butt. Today, that would be child abuse and most likely the perpetrator would be fired followed by criminal prosecution and a law suit. It would appear that the inmates are indeed running the asylum.

With a total breakdown in enthusiasm for being an American, discipline unenforceable and a who gives a sh*t attitude, I'm terribly glad that I am old enough that I won't have to experience the end of our great nation, as the idiots who think the are superior to the rest of us take over from the religious, moral and indignant former majority.

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