Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm Angry, But At Who?

I'm angry, but I don't know who to be angry with. There are three players in this horror story. Marquess Wilson, all time leading receiver at Washington State University, Mike Leach, the discredited coach fired at Texas Tech for abusing his players or the Sports reporting staff and editor at the Spokesman-Review.

For starters, everyone knows that Wilson walked out of an evening practice. What part of the evening was it and why couldn't the reporters complete the story with salient facts. Was it 7:00 pm? Midnight? Was it just after dinner, or were the players jerked out of a sound sleep at midnight? So many questions that have answers but not reported in this paper. These student athletes needed their study time and sleep prior to attending class the next day. They don't need to put up with a Storm Trooper clone of Woody Hayes to play football. What do you want to bet that by week end next, other schools will be camped at Wilson's door, recruiting him. If WSU has any class at all, which definitely is in question, they should release him unconditionally and petition the NCAA to allow  a transfer to an equal school without giving up any eligibility.

Many of us have serious questions for all of these entities that I mentioned above. If in fact the alleged"cowards" on the football squad deserve the name, so do the reporters and editors that soften their stories, rather than baring their teeth and going for the story.You know, like real journalists used to when they weren't homers. Just once, the TV camera in the UCLA game, panned the stands. There might have been a few dozen frozen guests that paid full price for a cut rate program headed by a Narcissistic bully.

At this point it would appear that Leach is deliberately culling his team to open space for some Texas talent for the coming season. That Leach is known for abusing football players, accusing them of being "Zombies'" naming players as gutless underachievers and a whole slew of derogatory names.

I have several questions. First, how did Wilson, still in his junior year, become WSU's leading receiver if he didn';t give effort? Have the sports writers at the S/R forgot how to dig for the real story? Or is the sports editor sitting on them, fearful of the backlash from the WSU family of graduates that bleed crimson and gray.

With the number of players leaving the program, surely the beat reporters could have interviews a few ... just one? What this area needs is accurate information, not abbreviated muted criticism of someone, but they aren't sure who. I'm starting to lose faith in the journalistic integrity of the sports department.

I want facts. Where if not the Spokesman-Review, do I get them. If we have a gigantic cover up ala Penn State with out the sex, then find out and report it. Is Moos covering his ass not willing to admit a costly mistake? The university president, too? Wilson will either transfer to another school, having one year of eligibility left, thereby racking up yardage that will brand Leach as a, well ... Leech, or he will go pro, proving he isn't a loser after all. The school is. He apparently is aptly named.

Fans are leaving the Cougs in droves. Why they may even start rooting for the cross state rival, the UW. I predict the cougars will end the season without enough players to field both an offense and a defense. To be tough doesn't mean you have to give up your dignity, nor your self respect. Wilson's record speaks for itself. So does Leach's. I'd love to see the entire team get up and walk out. They can't suspend them all if the go on strike.

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