Thursday, November 08, 2012

Washington Scores A Hit

With the passage of initiative 502 legalizing Ganja not just for medical use, but classed the same as booze, this progressive state has formalized what most people have known for years. Prohibition doesn't work. A law that is not respected by the citizens is unenforceable. Those words were used back in the day of alcohol prohibition repeal.

In examining the state map by voter approval or disapproval, a hilarious occurrence happened. Stevens and Pend Oreille Counties, a rural haven for unlawful agricultural pursuits voted in the negative against initiative 502. It turns out the the pot farmers that are prolific in the rural areas of Northeast Washington, and probably Idaho as well, voted against legalizing marijuana. Apparently the new law will put many entrepreneurs out of work since they make a good living growing and distributing their own product. One wonders if they will qualify for unemployment and food stamps. Coincidentally, most of Washington's agricultural counties also voted against the measure. Either they were upstanding law abiding citizens or they also saw one more example of state socialism putting their product in jeopardy.

On the other side of the issue, let your mind's eye drift to a Washington State, Herb outlet. (Not to be confused with this writer's fist name.) At the door are Washington State Patrolmen, batons at the ready, fending off Federal DEA agents attempting to shut down what is a federal crime. This may be the first time a majority liberal faction has stood firm for states rights. Now maybe they will understand the reason for other applications of what our US constitution originally meant. The rights not specifically granted to the federal government shall reside with the states and the people. This could get very interesting.

With the prediction of a year wait for implementation, I predict the feds will have Washington State in federal court quickly, and should the state ... farm out the production, a series of raids will occur. This will be a classic battle between the US and a state that hasn't been seen since the 1860's and the civil war, or as our southern friends called it, the war of liberation.

Guy walks into a state contract liquor store. "I'll have a bottle of Johnny Walker Gold and an ounce of BC Gold, plus I'd better get a new pipe too. The old one still has illegal residue in it."

This is going to do several things. One, Doug Clark will have a ton of material for the foreseeable future. Two, it may spawn a new television reality show as the battle is joined.

A warning to all of my friends. "If you are glassy eyed and are driving east on I-90 at 25 mph, expect a suspicious Idaho State Cop to pull you over, charging you with being gasp! A Washingtonian."

Expect more as my sense of humor matures into guffaws.

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