Thursday, November 29, 2012

Politics And Other BS

This morning's paper announced proudly that 69% of Democrats and 39% Republicans favor additional taxes for those making over $250,000 per year. One has to wonder how many polled make less than that.

Someone once said that when the overachievers are outnumbered by the lazy, ignorant
or underachievers, the democracy as we know it will end. Another along the same lines is, "When the people find out that congress is promising to give back money that is the property of the people to begin with, democracy will end."

Aside from maintaining a safety  net for those that temporarily are in need or are disabled, redistribution of wealth is confiscating private property, not tax policy.

Yesterday a discussion panel on TV was discussing a "wealth" tax. Not based on income or dividends, but net worth. Now there is a good definition of redistributing wealth. A government employee, (one not making more than $250,000) comes to your door threatening to water board you if you don't completely list your assets and their value. If these things occur we will have lost what made this country great. The ability to go as high and as far as your vision will allow. A country that doesn't take your hard earned money and give it to someone that doesn't work as hard.

There will always be a majority of those people not in the upper income brackets. That should never be a right of those that are under that amount, to penalize you. It appears to me that democracy as we know it is on the table. Well, you folks voted for this government, now you will reap the rewards or not.

On an unrelated topic, You will notice that the ads are gone from this blog. For several years I have a,lowed AdSense, a property of Google, to place ads on my blog in return for earned income to me. Supposedly, when the commissions reach $100.00 a check will be issued. The last time I had access to the earnings I had somewhere around $97.00 earned. That was over a year ago. Now I can't access the records and they aren't paying me. The last straw was when I posted in favor of keeping the Farragut shooting Range of WW11 vintage closed. An ad popped up declaring for gun control. I immediately shut down the HTML that allowed them access. Hey, if you cheat me, I'm not going to do business with you. AdSense is history on this blog. I've never received any answers to my many requests for satisfaction. Beware out there if you are a blogger.

Beginning immediately, I will entertain accepting ads for this blog which will appear on the right margin. These should be sized with that in mind. $25.00 per month is the cost. I reserve the right to refuse content I dont like, as it would appear that since I published it, that I agreed with the content. Send them as a jpg picture by e-mail with your name and address plus phone number by e-mail In the last 6 years I have had in excess of 204,000 page views and over 145,000 visits to the blog. A counter is displayed at the bottom of the blog for the curious.

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