Monday, November 05, 2012

Swimming Against The Current

Whether or not you are a Republican or Democrat or any of those other more obscure titles, you have to hand it to the brave candidates from the Democratic Party that are pounding on the gates of legislative district 2 in northern Kootenai County, home of the Wackos.

Whether they beat the odds or not, running for election when all the cards are stacked against you is a daunting and expensive task, not only in money, but energy and emotional drain. Win, lose or draw, I admire those that have not surrendered automatically to the Republican/Constitutionalists without a fight. Give 'em hell, gang. Maybe, just maybe, enough voters are fed up with the embarrassment of those that shouldn't be representing the Republican Party. I'm a Republican, and have voted exclusively Republican since 1960, in partisan offices. I'd like to see more balance and voters that hold their candidates to higher standards.

Tomorrow I'm voting for the Democratic candidates in District 2. Better qualified and the pass the Wacko test, too. Here's a picture taken at Bayview Daze last Summer. Are they having fun, or what.

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