Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Careers N' Stuff

Recently, I posted "re-unretirement". In the many posts since I started back in January of last year, I hadn't received more than 6 or 7 comments.

When I published my intent to go forth and be broke no more, I got 17. This can probably be interpreted many different ways, but it does confirm that you folks feel I have way too much time on my hands, and that it would certainly benefit the general welfare, if I were to do something useful for a change.

I have, at the local watering hole, been told that I have way more opinions than is entirely necessary. I looked back, and sure enough, I posted over 100 times in the last year. That doesn't even count those opinions wasted at said watering hole over the same time period.

I'm already kind of in the swing of things. I got up this morning with the aid of an alarm clock. One that's function is dubious, since I have my hearing aids out at night, and can't hear that frequency when it goes off. I may have to find one of those ancient mechanical clocks that when ringing, annoy one to the waking state.

Anyway, enough digression. I dusted off one of my white shirts, and put it on. It still kinda fits. Bounced...No that's not true, I drug myself into the shower, dressed in unfamiliar clothes, (It took me awhile to find them) and drove to Coeur d' Alene for the first appointment in my renewed career.

Wait...I think I showered first, THEN put on the white shirt...Oh well, you get the idea.


stebbijo said...

That is great Herb!

I am thinkin' Herb -- there is the perfect business out there for me -- just not sure if it is corn.

How about an on call medical staffing agency or a store that is packed with clothes and nothing costs over 5 bucks?

Oh hell -- I want the property to have my own residential care facility. I will be the Administrator and I know where it needs to go.

Dogwalkmusings said...

You GO guy!!!!

Bill McCrory said...

"I have, at the local watering hole, been told that I have way more opinions than is entirely necessary."

Who determines how many opinions are necessary? Yours are as valid as all others and valued more than many. How sad that some people think so little of themselves they feel no one would care to hear their opinion. How sad they are so afraid of someone's disagreeing (or maybe even agreeing) with their opinion they fear even expressing it. Please, disregard those who judge your opinions by their count. They aren't even listening to the content.