Saturday, January 21, 2006

We Blog

I have noticed recently that journalists and cartoonists throughout the country are dissing bloggers. I'm not sure whether this is because we write bad stuff, or because they feel threatened.

The first example isn't valid, simply because bad stuff won't be read widely. That brings us to professional jealousy. As we enter an electronic age, newsprint is becoming less popular to many. Personally though, my morning reading of the Spokesman-Review is a ritual. Disposal of tons of unwanted ad copy is not my choice. Tons of paper clog dumps when a click of a key can bring you the same story. The irritation of reading a few lines of a story on the front page, then having to fold back the paper to page 13 or whatever is continuous.

One would think that if newspapers and magazines want to survive they would become more reader friendly. Anyone besides me object to the extra half page attached to the comics? How do you get that out of the way so you can read in comfort? The advertising people don't care. Stick it in your face is the rule.

Even here in the Spokane, Washington/North Idaho area where the Spokesman-review encourages bloggers, we are disrespected. I remember a meeting just about a year ago, where the S/R online Guru explained how our contributions would be like many neighborhood correspondents.

In that year, after 102 blogs of my own, and reading many thoughtful opinion pieces by others, not one was picked up as a guest editorial. Not one. Even here, in our enlightened community, the print guys would like us to quietly go away and stop bothering the real people.

I personally believe that this will change at some point, but only after being dragged kicking and screaming into the future that appears to already be here.


stebbijo said...

I would consider getting paid not to blog -- . Unless that happens, I will always blog! Don't care if they diss me or not!

Word Tosser said...

Newspapers are kind of like United States.... it isn't perfect but it is still the best...
I will continue to keep newspapers coming, as I can take it everywhere I go. Get in the car with my other half... paper comes with me if I haven't finished it.
And coffee, newspaper at dawn is still the best combo.
And there are other uses. covering windows when you paint. clean windows, and etc.
Yep, I will stick with my newspaper. So far it hasn't needed electricity to be able to read it.
While I have been taught that you believe only 1/2 of what you see, and 1/4 of what you read.. I still have more faith in my reporter in the paper than online bloggers. Not that bloggers lie, but they can.. but it is according to how they see it. Newspapers are suppose to have facts behind them, and get in trouble when they don't.
So it is still, dawn, coffee, newspaper and me...