Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hell Freezes Over

I read Michael Kinsley's op/ed in Tuesdays Spokesman-review. I swore that I would never find anything about Kinsley to agree with. I not only swore that, but swore on many other occasions that his radical tongue waved.

This time he stayed off politics. A good thing, too, since he has very little knowledge of how they work. He writes that newspapers as we know them, are on their way out. Well they probably are, but to hear it from these lips that are constantly curled in a sarcastic smirk, was remarkable, to say the least. Perhaps, knowing this, he will take up blogging.

In other news:

Washington State, (bless their liberal little hearts) has discovered an oversight in the new "Indoor clean air act". It turns out that by banning all smoking everywhere, they forgot religion. For instance:

If in Washington State, the Pope were elected, burning the ballots would result in the College of Cardinals being arrested and hauled off to the hoosegow.

Forget making nice with the Indian Tribes. Smoke the peace pipe? You are under arrest. (Again, the Indians might exclaim?)

Ah, how about funerals that make use of burning sweet grass, or of a priest waving that smoke pot thing they use? (Sorry, no disrespect intended, just can't remember the name)

I just knew that when the government got away with saving us from ourselves with the seatbelt laws, Pandora's box would be open for ever.

Welcome to Idaho!

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