Wednesday, March 07, 2007

An Alternative Viewpoint

The early morning arrest Saturday, of State Probation Officer David Williams for Stalking his paper carrier wife this morning is very disturbing. One, it is not polite to hassle a woman just because she has left you.

Allegedly, however, some reports have the motive for this crime different than that which has been reported in the Spokesman-Review. This observer believes that he was merely trying to point out to the Coeur d'Alene Press Carrier that she was shaming herself by delivering an inferior, flawed product to the unsuspecting public.

Where the snoozepaper has three pages dedicated to news, sports and business, total, the rest is help wanted and other ads. It is now believed that this misguided fellow was just trying to do a public service in getting the Rag off the streets.

It has been further rumored that he was carrying a load of fish, so that the use of the delivery wouldn't be completely wasted.

At this point,however, we are hesitant to congratulate him for his humanitarian act, since of course he did allegedly harass the woman, depriving her of freedom not to associate.


Phil said...

Holy Sh-----!

I gotta pay closer attention to the news. I was just over at David Williams' house on Thursday. His son is in Cub Scouts with my son. We were at his house for sledding and a BBQ. This is sad, he has three young kids at home with him. I can't imagine what's going on with them.

Bay Views said...

Can you spell overreaction?

Phil said...

Who do you think overreacted? The wife and the police?

I just hope he doesn't lose his job, because he has three young children in the house (that his wife abandoned) and he has to support them. Hope he gets some help with anger and alcohol problems, though.

brentandrews said...

This David Williams fellow sounds like a real creep. There's no tyranny like probation. I would not be surprised if that line of work attracted sickos.

We should all try to be nice to our newspaper carriers. They have the hardest jobs in journalism. I don't know how the Press carriers do it. I quit after two weeks. We had to get the papers on the front porches, meaning trudge through the snow. You need $500 worth of snow gear for a job that might not pay anything at all, if you're not willing to trudge back through the snow to collect. No thanks! Newspaper carrier was the one newspaper job I didn't like.