Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stereotypes Shattered

My stereotype of a State worker is, you know,One guy in the hole shoveling, two guys standing above the hole leaning on shovels, and the fourth with a clipboard.

No longer. This early afternoon, traveling south on Highway 95, after leaving the 45 MPH zone at Athol, things changed. As I sped up to 65 and maybe just a little more, I came to one of the seldom seen passing opportunities. Four lanes.

Going by me like a jet, was a state car. I was curious. Are they immune from traffic stops? This was a car with State of Idaho Industrial Commission. License number X3695.

I decided to speed up and see how fast she was going. When she hit 80, I backed off and wondered.

Was she hustling back to town to report she saw a recipient walking out to get his paper? Needed speed to cancel this malingering person from benefits? Actually, given the time and the fact that it was a State of Idaho car, I came up with the answer.

She was late going to lunch. An emergency requiring great haste, regardless of the endangered public. Oh well, back to the Stereotype again.

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