Sunday, March 04, 2007

Open Letter: To The Idaho Legislature

Currently, HB 201 is before the House in committee. I am a Senior Citizen with a limited income, as many other Mobile Home dwellers are.

Unlike many of the larger populated areas and inner cities, We here in Idaho pride ourselves on self sufficiency. While many working poor and retirees live in Mobile Homes, many of us are being booted out of parks that have been sold to speculators for the purpose of building Condo and such.

Currently, here in Kootenai County, we are sent tax bills for a value that doesn't exist. Why? Because if we are required to vacate our Mobile Home Parks, we are compelled to destroy them because some do not meet current code and can't legally be moved.

This essentially is a form of confiscation. While many people live in what some would be unacceptable housing, we are warm, dry, have indoor plumbing and electricity. Unlike our city Cousins, we don't want your low-income welfare citizen subsidized apartments. We just want to be left alone to survive by our abilities and needs and without your help.

All you have to do is remove the restrictions on moving an older mobile home from a dispossessed position to another where we are welcome. People that live in fifty year old houses are left in peace, why not us.

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