Monday, March 26, 2007

Tradgedy Strikes

An Icon has fallen. One of the eight wonders of the world is no more. No, the Eiffel Tower is still there. Taj Mahal is still with us too. This is more serious. An American West tradition as old as, well ... Cowboys, Homesteaders, Railroad workers, is gone.

It was reported yesterday, that the individual that bought the Mustang Ranch, in Nevada, couldn't make a go of it. He gave it to the Fire Department to practice with.
It burned to the ground, along with the culture, the tradition and the Social Benefits that went with it.

Nothing is sacred anymore. People are buying old churches, making apartments out of them, politicians are struggling to stay out of jail, (a development that never has been a problem in the past) Government Officials are being called to task for, (ahem) lying to us.

While volcanoes and earthquakes circle the Earth, famine, pestilence (God I wish I cud spel) are still abounding, tradition is lost. Chris, Bartender at the Wheel, who has his tip jar inscribed, "Mustang Ranch Hooker Fund",has to find a new gig.

What has this World come to, anyway. Nothing that was sacred back when I was young is around anymore. Well, maybe corruption. That is still around ... I grieve ...

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