Thursday, March 01, 2007

Outsiders, Git!

Recently, the Americans For Church & State Separation, led by Legal Director, Ayesha Khan, (now THATS a real Amuricun sounding name) butted in to what in my estimation is a problem that we can handle right here at home, thank you.

This Mongol/American thinks that he can save us from ourselves. Hey, Dude, we can handle our own quarrels without help from Washington, DC.

There are several folks here in North Idaho that believe there is a problem with the City of Coeur d'Alene partially funding a Salvation Army Community Center. We can work it out without your help. Raising the question is not objectionable to people that want to protect our laws from being later declared unconstitutional.

Please crawl back into the hole that you emerged from. We don't need Genghis, Kublai or Ayesha Khan to mediate.

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Bob Taylor said...

But seriously Herb, How do you really feel? I agree whole-heartedly.