Thursday, February 28, 2008

Float Homes

A couple of weeks ago, I published a controversial piece on the float home dilemma for the home owners. Since then, new legislation is being considered by the State Legislators , setting up a system for arbitration. This might be a fair way of handling the problem. We'll see. Since then I had an opportunity to speak with Chan Karupiah, owner of JD's and Scenic Bay Marinas.

Obviously, a marina operator is going to have a different perspective on the problem. I try to stay out of arguments that I am compromised or not objective about. This is an ethical thing that the Spokesman-Review requires of it's employees and correspondents. It must be stated here, that I rent a mobile home space from the above mentioned marina. Still, it might be useful to examine the positions of the marina owners, so as to get a complete picture.

Some of the proposed changes are not really that marginal. Eliminating one whole dock, since the purchase of the Boileau's dock last year leaves two parallel docks, one being unnecessary. Another, switching a boat house from it's grounded position to another more useful spot. The proposal to tear down the existing eyesore boat shop that exists between the Captain's Wheel and Scenic Bay Marina, thence rebuilding it over the water in another location, using the grandfathered footprint over the lake? Quite another story. From what I can gather, although a proposal is before the State of Idaho Land Board, I haven't seen detailed plans and specs for this new/old building, just the footprint. It might be useful to have fully engineered drawings to present, instead of a do over from what was rejected.

Chan believes that if it becomes more profitable to turn float home slips into boat slips, and if he begins to lose money in the process of reining in the rents, that he has the right to evict those float home owners, rather than allow the state to run his business. That consideration must be weighed, since I can find no law or proposed law that would prohibit a change of use such as that. In a controversial issue such as this, it is necessary to state both positions. I have done so here. Others may want to sit down with Chan and Hans for the purpose of understanding their positions and why. Me? I'm going to duck and run for cover.


Anonymous said...

Chan doesn't own the lake or the lake bed, he must lease that from the state.

When the marina owners start gouging the people they rent state land to, that is the time the state should NOT renew the marina operators lease.

Bay Views said...

I am so tired of the speaking to the obvious. I have, having reported the other side, to show in a manner that is fair, the other side of the story. I also have reported my lack of objectivity. I have gone as far as I can go. It is unfortunate that some can't understand this.

Some of you really piss me off, with the emotions of the day overwhelming the issues, letting temper take the place of dialog.

Anonymous said...

It just hit me what the big stink over these float homes were. I used to think that maybe the marina owners were trying to be smart business people and increase rents every year as every other bussiness in the world does and people were upset by the fact that market rents had hit bayview.
Now when I look at the float homes in bayview and see homes missing siding, boarded windows, rusted tin everywhere, boats that look like they were used in a war and there not part of the navy yard, I think that maybe the marina owners wants everyone out so they can start over with paying customers that take care of there stuff. Theres one end of town by the motel and the wheel that looks like somewhere in Iraq.
The marina owners should find something more profitable to do with their property and get rid of all the complaining.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 9:09
Give me a break... it's Idaho not Palm Beach or is that what you want to turn it into? Do you want to see 65 foot yachts? You must be one of the beautiful people. Why don't we get rid of all the unattractive people in Bayview too. You are an elitist but you obviously don't have a grammar checker.

As for Chan, you would think as a marina owner, he would know the rules/laws pertaining to the float homes. Fortunately for the people who have invested their life savings and years of work into their float homes, they can't be ruthlessly evicted like our neighbors in the mobile home park.