Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring May be Just Around the corner

All kinds of fun stuff in store this and next month in Bayview. The huge piles of snow are receding, St Patrick's Day is coming with The Captain's Wheel annual pajama party , Saturday night, March 15. This has been a show stopper in the past. Just don your baby doll nightie, show up, enhance your image, ladies. The guys? We stand around gazing in awe at those previously hidden talents.

Baywinkle, our town moose is still around, but it is suspected that he will wander off soon, as the snow melts down in the hills, surrounding Bayview. Feeding the moose is dangerous, and is to be severely discouraged. If even one person is injured by this moose, even if it's the stupidity of the person, Fish and Game will kill him. He is not a pet, and is never going to be tame. Please do not mistake the placid look for docility.

A big round of applause for Bob Parsons and Cindy Garcia for all the help they gave those people that couldn't help themselves with snow removal. Also, lest we take her for granted, Terry Sheppard, the town Mom. Any time an elderly or ill person is discovered, you can find Terry at their doorstep with a kind word, some soup or a sandwich. She's been doing this so long, we sometimes are guilty of taking her for granted.

Speaking of taking people for granted, the Captain's Wheel will host the what? Fourteenth or fifteenth annual huckleberry pancake breakfast Saturday April 19, 8 to noon. They donate the space and some help, pay all the overhead as a community service. Don't forget Easter and the egg hunts. Saturday, March 22 will find the kids, ages birth through 6 at the Captain's Wheel from non to 12:15, then Terry's Cafe from 12:15 to 12:30 for Kids 7-12. Mark all of these down on your calendar. We'll see you soon in Bayview. Oh, and happy Washington's Birthday. We didn't have a picture of George, so we substituted one of Baywinkle.

Capistrano has the return of the swallows. Bayview has the return of the Robins. Yesterday, none. Today, dozens of them. Why Capistrano gets all of the publicity, I couldn't say, but here in Bayview, it's a sign of long suffering, soon over. Certainly, this Winter has been a doozy. Not that bad Winters are rare. it's just that the earlier patterns have happened in such a way that for the last ten years, we have had more benign Winters than not. A wake up call? Perhaps. So much for global warming. Perhaps next year, the Chicken Littles will be screaming "global cooling."

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MarmiteToasty said...

Your Moose photo is just bloody amazing...... ya know I loves mooses right?.... so I nicked your picture and saved it lol....

Sounds like lots of fun is gonna be going on where you live..... it makes me wanna come over and join in :)