Friday, February 08, 2008

Snow Stymies Schools

Athol Elementary School, Friday, February 8. 2008

Three snow days for local schools in the Lakeland School District, and more. Some days were cut short. P.E. classes were canceled, due to an enormous amount of snow on the roof, making the gyms unsafe to occupy. Today, finds contractors and students, those over eighteen, hired to remove snow. Some of the school buildings have literally disappeared from sight, as snow berms rise higher and higher.

Tom Taggart, spokesman for Lakeland, said, "were on top of the problem. No buildings have been lost, nor are any unsafe buildings occupied. "Crews are working fast, in the hope that the snows of 2007-08 are gone. Melting has started, which brings yet another problem. Flooding. I have attempted to reach the Corps of Engineers, but to no avail. Soon, hopefully, we will know whether another 1997 is upon us, flood wise. More when I get it.

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