Saturday, February 16, 2008

When Party Animals Growl

Blogfest 2008 went off without a hitch, as our host, Dave Oliveria keeps the pizza coming. Dave is celebrating his fourth anniversary with the spokesman-review blog known as Huckleberries.

Guest of Honor, Doug Clark

Our Fearless Leader
No Collection of Pictures is complete without a Pin-up Girl

Taryn Hecker, Enthralled by something Spencer said.


Phil said...

Herb, great to talk to you as always. Hope we see you out at Silverwood this summer!

mamaJD said...

I think you captured Heckers glance at me while Cuniff is telling Spencer that he hates kids. It was a fun conversation to listen in on.

Great meeting you and the family!

Kendra said...

Herb, I so enjoyed meeting you and finally having the opportunity to give you the hug you deserve. Rest assured we will have lots to talk about sometime this spring when my little family takes our trip out your direction for a dinner at the Wheel- I'm looking forward to it!

Katrina said...

Herb, it was such fun to see you again! You certainly bring life to a party, and I'll be in line any time you're handing out hugs!

Kim_Norm said...

Nice to see you again at the blogfest Herb, though we never spoke. I enjoy your occasional comments and decided for once to visit your own blog. If you are ever in town, come by for a stick and maybe then we will get the chance to shoot the bull a little. The Stickman