Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ralph Nader, Hummm?

I think I have the answer for the spoilers out there. Ralph Nader has thrown his seventy-eleventh hat into the ring as a liberal or wacko third party candidate. In the interest of equality, which seems to be on ever one's mind, we need to talk Ron Paul into becoming the candidate of the er ... right? Or how about the other wacko? Genghis Khan faction? I'm not sure where he fits, but with this presidential race starting to become very entertaining, why not?

Here we have our very first serious Female candidate, Our very first serious black candidate, in our entire history. Add the moderate McCain, certifiably a war hero without the shadows that Kerry 's run produced. No matter what happens this year, it will be a monumental change in how we govern ourselves. All we need now, is to have Saturday Night Live resurrected for a show starring Nader and Paul, with a guest appearance from Ross Perot.

Most election cycles have me rooting uproariously for one candidate or the other. I confess that my favorite is John McCain. Having said that, at my advanced age, I'm starting to find humor in the various scenarios. Ms. Clinton didn't wow Washington with her gracious personality, nor did she endear herself to the military, by dissing them whenever possible.

Then we have Obama. Forget the smear regarding him wearing Somali dress. Any, repeat any visiting dignitary will, if asked, don native apparel. It is considered an honor to be asked to do so. Then there is John McCain. The Clinton's seem to be somewhat short on scandal there, so resurrecting a worn out discredited non-scandal from ten years ago, is at best a reach. The only candidate coming out unscathed is Hillary. Nobody wants to be the first to attack a woman, even if she deserves it. The old school still frowns on that, even though she would, in a heartbeat, attack stereotypes, such as women's lib. God forbid we would every give stay at home parents the same break.

What we have here, and I may enjoy this way more than when I was blinded by partisanship. This is going to be more entertaining than anything the striking writers could have come up with.
Just remember one thing. We have had good presidents and we have had mediocre presidents and we have had horrible presidents. All of you will categorize these differently. That's called freedom of thought. The main point is, that no matter who we elect, if it doesn't work out, this great country of ours will survive very nicely. You see, there isn't a hell of a lot a president can do, when congress levels the playing field, or the Supreme Court intervenes. Many political positions get abandoned when reality sets in. None of these candidates wants to bring our country down, it just seems that way when we pay to much attention to rhetoric. ... Just like mine.

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Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Herb ... it was nice meeting you at the blogfest this month. I enjoy reading your articles when I drop by your site. If my hubby and I get a chance, we'll drop by Bayview this summer and look you up.