Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blogfest 2009

L-R: Meghann Cuniff, the only employed SR writer, other than DFO present, MamaJD, Boo, OtisG, Taryn Hecker and Trish, the condom concessionaire. The reason most quoted about the need for the condoms, was that since the start of Huckleberries, people have been screwing with each other without adequate protection.

DFO announces that before the party degenerates any further, Trish, on the right has an ample supply of condoms.

John & Deena Austin. Deena lights up Johns's life, as he writes great cutlines. (2009 winner, cutline champ)Also, center/background is Helen Back.

Here is DFO trying to explain to our designated curmudgeon,Gary Ingram, why he didn't vote straight Republican in the last election.

Cindy Hval & JeanneSpokane. Note the mischeivious look on cindy's face.

Dave Oliveria, the blogmeister, being presented the "cooler" award. A cooler with the more prominent names of those ditched along the way.

The big mystery at this gig, is after meeting Truly, it was hard to equate this pretty, petite, Pixie of a woman, birthing such as Sam the Reporter. I took two pictures of her. One was blurred and the other just didn't work, so I left them out, but trust me, this is one hot woman.


mamaJD said...

So does DFO just vote gay Republican? :)

It was great seeing you at BlogFest, Herb!

Anonymous said...

Truly is a special person, hence my being her escort this blogfest. I hope you treat her with respect as I know you will. The Stickman

Bay Views said...

Absolutely, Stickman. I wouldn't dream of treating her as anything but a fine lady. She appeared to have a great time, and I certainly was charmed by her. ...Still, why would you ask such a question? Perhaps you would do better to answer me at my address, rather than publicly, since you have raised this question that way.

Bay Views said...

Stickman, you and I have never had a problem until now. You seem to have some sort of problem with the way I treated Truly. I, after thinking on it for a while, came up with several points. One, I am highly pissed that you inferred any improper behavior between the two of us.

She wanted me to taunt her son a bit, and we came up with something like what I wrote. I won't publicly say anymore, except one thing. If you want to protect a lady's honor, you don't start out by blogging your concern. In the process, you have insulted the lady in question, and yourself.