Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Neighborhood News

As I pointed out in my last post, with the shrinking of the Spokesman-Review, I'll have less in the paper. This is primarily because the editors believe that I write about such an insignificant corner of our area, as to not measure up to readers, say from Rathdrum or Post Falls. This is an assumption that is somewhat faulty, since I have received positive feedback from many areas around North Idaho and even Spokane Valley.

Nevertheless, this is the belief that from which lies the control of stories. Editors, are a strange breed. First and foremost, I couldn't write if we didn't have them. My English skills are severely lacking. I can tell a story, and many have pointed out that they like my writing style. Still,they receive very little feedback. Generally, the only response from the community is when a writer screws up, or they think he/she does. People don't get emotional over a good story. At least not enough to call or e-mail an editor to compliment them on it.

Existing in this ivory tower isn't fair to the editor nor the writer. It just is. The bottom line is that until and unless a massive gripe campaign reaches them over this issue, it won't be one. I will write my one column per month that I have been reduced to and the occasional feature story that has been pre-approved.

At the same time, as a freelance writer, I can and will look for other opportunities to exercise my avocation. Just about one and one-half years ago, I was writing weekly columns for both Bayview and Athol with some spirit Lake Thrown in. That added up to at least 8 columns per month which adequately supplemented my retirement income. That has shrunk from 8 to 10 down to one or two per month. You may conclude from this that stories about Bayview, Athol Spirit Lake and Farragut State Park are disappearing.

I will attempt to keep you informed, as time permits of items of interest on this blog. Have a good one, folks.

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