Friday, February 13, 2009

Tamara Lee Poelstra's Story

I met my husband of 22 years in high school and if Tony had not asked me out I may have never noticed the quiet sweet boy in my biology class. We became friends though I resisted saying yes to his date proposals until one day he let me catch him.

I was the girl who claimed she would never marry until Tony dared me to marry him. It has not always been easy and we have had our challenges. When a couple marries at the age of 19 the expectation is that, it will not last. We contribute our success to the fact that we have never been crazy at the same time and though we may not always like each other in a given situation, we have always loved each other.

We have celebrated 23 Valentine's days and each year, we take the time to be grateful. So my sweet Tony, I say thank you for your perseverance, courage, and loving me. I loved the boy I married and to my surprise, I love the man you have become even more. I am grateful for you. Happy Valentine's Day!

Tamara Lee Poelstra

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