Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bayview's No Wake Zone

No one issue has ever united the citizens of Bayview faster, nor so completely as the threat by Parks and Waterways and the Kootenai county Commission to remove the protection within the bay of the no wake zone established over twenty years ago for the purpose of keeping the multi-use bay safe.

Citing the expense of maintaining the buoys and the alleged unfairness that Bayview has enjoyed the peace, tranquility and safety of the past twenty years, Commissioner Todd Tondee unabashedly endorsed the change, though no formal process had taken place, hearings held, or for that matter, even as much as engaging interested parties in the Bay.

This whole scene belongs in the category of, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it, our elected officials are hell bent for citizen disapproval, unless of course, they are running for office in Spokane County sometime soon.

A web site that has become very popular recently is here for your viewing and participation, should you wish to weigh in on the issue. Sheriff Rocky Watson, tongue firmly in cheek, when asked his views on the subject were, "I'm in favor of eliminating the no wake zone. We are short of organ donors." He, of course, was referring to the mix of fast power boats, sailboats, personal water craft, kayaks, inner tubes w/kids on board and kids paddling canoes.

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