Monday, September 14, 2009

Navy Reunion

The Navy reunion at Farragut State Park went off smoothly. Well it should, considering there have been 25 years of practice. Thirty-six hearty veterans, some past ninety year old were present and accounted for. As usual, Al Leiter held forth as master of ceremonies, with Ranger Errin Bair hosting for the park.

The weather was extraordinary and everyone had a great time. Sadly missed was Theora Lish, who had for many years enjoyed these reunions with her husband of 66 years, Charles. She passed on just two months ago.

The museum has had a makeover that has brought it up by twice the previous standards. New cabinets and showcases built by volunteer, Jim Graham, who along with his wife Jackie, hold down the fort at the brig. For the complete story on the reunion complete with veterans war stories, check out the "Handle Extra," in Sunday's Spokesman-Review.

Refusing to give in to age and infirmity, most vets were heard to say, "see you next year, and you know, I bet we do. Incidentally, a new Idaho parks Director has been chosen and will take charge Monday next. Nancy Merrill is a park professional, having served at Eagle Island state park. Although she is expected to be comfortable with the political side of things, she is known for her dedication toward the park system. In this tragic economy, it's not going to be an easy job.

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How is the battle by the bay going this morning?

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