Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boileau's Donnybrook

Just when we thought Summer was over and Bayview would quietly doze off, another chapter in the Bob Holland book of escapades occurred. I'll lead off by posting a well circulated e-mail that I received this morning:

Hi guys

I just got a call from Dave Nacarrato that had a float home at Boileaus. They sold it to Holland and has since filed papers on him requesting a demand in payment. So they are on the way to litigation. But what he had to tell me was that Grant and Delores Moore had sold their float home to Holland and are clearly in heavy litigation at this time.

Grant and Delores got wind that Holland is going to move the home off the front dock tomorrow morning. They in turn have called KCS ( sheriff ) dept who is suppose to meet them out there at 10:00 to make sure this is not going to happen since they have not received payment from Holland. There may be some other float home owners on the docks, and the press has been called and is aware of the situation. She would love it if you could pass the word and try and get others down there to see this mess as well.

Grant and Delores are some of the first long time float home residents, and it is a shame that it has to come to this regarding the sale of their float home.

I wish I could attend but I will be in town taking care of some business. Please pass the word to others. Someone please let Skip know as I know he would attend if he has time. If you do not know the number to get through the gate it is XXXX or just go through the patio (store) as you can get past the gates that way.

Thanks so much !

I checked with Skip Wilcox who has been monitoring the situation. He tells me that The Idaho Department of Lands has prohibited the movement of any float homes currently based at Boileau's Marina. Apparently there was a noisy confrontation on the docks between a resident and Mr. Holland. At this time, the situation has stabilized and no action will be taken by any of the affected parties, except that the former Fran's Landing was ordered to be towed out from the Kokanee spawning beds prior to the 15th of this month. That, of course, is today. We also learned that Chan is applying for a permit to operate the former Fran's Landing. He intends to move the vessel to his marina where it will once again be a restaurant. It seems though, that until Holland and Fran settle up, the title is still in her name and can't be moved except by the owner's request. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Dang, I was hoping someone would give Mr. Holland a butt whoopin!

How does someone like him, go through life cheating people and not paying his bills,not end up in jail?

Ric said...

Herb, what is up with that picture?? Is that an old one taken after the fire or is there new work being done on the patio ??

Bay Views said...

It is indeed an old photo. My purpose was just to feature a picture of the marina.

Ric said...

Herb, just heard that Steve from the Button Hook is leaving. Any truth to that ??

Bay Views said...

Yes indeed. Steve left to go to work for a restaurant associated with a golf course in P{riest River. The Buttonhook is closed for the season.

Ric said...

He "WILL" be missed !!