Monday, September 07, 2009

Senseless Litigation

Most of the time, I sit back and ignore the injustices that clog our court system. That was then, this is now. The E-mail that I received and replied to is exibited below:

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Now I understand why lawyers can swim safely with sharks. You absolutely have to be related. Let's start by pointing out that aol is free. One can either use it, or not. If a user doesn't like the advertising, (which is pandemic as the reason the service is free) they can sign up for a plethora of other choices. May you choke on the Filet Mignon that this action will reward you, as you relentlessly attack the successful and reward those that don't give a damn.

Class action attorneys make millions of dollars at the expense of otherwise profitable companies. They do this by gloming onto an issue, real or imagined, then inviting people that hadn't given the alleged injury a single thought, until, Aha! Here's some free money. Well folks, it isn't free. First, most of the settlements that are won, go to, guess who. The attorneys. Secondly, any megagazillion dollar settlement will reflect the prices that you and I pay for goods and services, since legal settlements are a part of the overhead.

Perhaps it is time to reform the tort system, or at least the class action racket. This will most assuredly result in lower prices for goods and services. In an egregious situation, the courts are still there, to protect you and yours from excesses and damages that are actually real. If class action suits take over the legal system, beware, because that will cause an over reaction to tort law, and the pendulum will swing too far.

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