Monday, September 28, 2009

Oktoberfish Is Here

This is it, folks. Lube up the old reel because the annual derby in Bayview is on this weekend. Starting Friday evening at 7 pm, with an auction and free food for ticket holders at the Captain's Wheel. All proceeds, including the funds derived from the auction will be paid out to the winners. Tickets can be obtained at Ralph's Internet Cafe in Bayview, or at the Friday night auction held at the Captain's Wheel.

Entry fee is $25 per entrant, with all money raised to be given out to the various winners. You are invited to come down, bid on stuff you don't need, eat the free buffet and of course lie about the big one that got away.

Prizes are as follows:

The first fish weighing more than last year's winner, 9 pounds, 10 ounces wins $100
1st prize goes to the largest Kamloop Trout 40%
2nd prize goes to the largest Mackinaw 30%
3rd prize goes to the 2nd largest Kamloop Trout 20%
4th prize goes to the 2nd largest Mackinaw 10%

Lest we forget, the 1st prize winner also gets possession of the traveling trophy for the year. Fish & Game is still awarding $15 per head for trout and Macks, so even if you aren't one of the big winners, you can still win. It is not advised, however, to detach the head before weigh-in.

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