Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Family In Need

William Sherrell ( Bayview resident & 6th grader at Athol Elementary)

He has brittle bone disease. Fell at school this past week breaking his leg severely and his shoulder.

He is at Shriner’s Hospital in Spokane right now. Should be out next week, but will be in a partial upper body cast for his shoulder plus pins, screws and protruding rods on his leg for 6 weeks or more.

Parents are William Sr. & Lilly – they live across perimeter from the Community Center and have been there for many years. Dad is in construction, but not working at present.

Mom works at Little Town Market, but is unable to right now due to William being in hospital and running back & forth to doctors. There are 3 other children in the family(a freshman, a 5th grader, and a 1st grader.

There will be lots of doctor/hospital trips & little income. If anyone would like to help out (every little bit helps) .

Contact Cindy Post Grandy – 683-1859 or email – or Marlys Blagden – 683-3295 or 683-2231 or email –


Lilly said...

william is doing really well, he its very brave,i know he wants to thank everyone for the support and concern our community has shown, thank you for the ramp that its going up, it will make things so much easier.i just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, will post more when I know more.much love, god bless

william said...

Well,Willy is healing very well,his arm is out of the sling and should be healed in a couple of weeks and after about 5 more weeks his leg will be healed enough to put light pressure on it,which means less wheel chair and more walker...thank you for all the prayers and visits and gifts you all brought my son,he appreciates you all.I would also like to respectfully decline any money donations,i am still working just cutting my hours in half,and though it will be rough(when is life not:)we will get thru this,but thank you so very much for everything,especially thank you to the church that donated the materials to build a ramp,it is up and it has made dr appts so much easier!God bless you all and have a wonderful day!P.S.Thank you so much Marlys and Desila,you are Williams Gaurdian Angels in my eyes.