Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Humbling Experience

I consider myself an old hand at mastering Idaho winter conditions. Come single digit temperatures, I open cabinet doors, dribble my faucets and wait until morning to determine that once again, I triumphed over potential disaster.

Right up until my brain froze yesterday. Night before last, I went through the above mentioned program. Results? No problemo. As night became day, I went around the house closing cabinets, turning off those faucets, especially the hot water.

Later, I snuggled down with a glass of wine. Actually several. Hey, it was Friday night and my version of howling is to drink three or four glasses instead of the doctor recommended two.Unfortunately, the over indulgent event saw me crawling into bed without the ritual being performed. The temperature at the yellow barge went down to about 1 or 2 below zero. My cabinet doors were neatly closed and the water all off. I get up in the morning and realized the flushing of the toilet didn't sound quite right. You guessed it. Frozen solid. Even the old trick of opening faucets so that a small seep could win through didn't work.

Tomorrow, faced with heavy snow, my neighbor will trudge down the hill with fix it on his mind. Me? greatly humbled

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