Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egypt And Other Interesting Stuff

William Randolph Hearst, owner, and reputed leader of yellow journalism, was historically credited for starting the Spanish-American War, with his rabid rhetoric against the Spanish rule over Cuba, the Philippines and other territories not adjacent to Spain. There are still theories that point to Hurst causing the battleship Maine to explode in Havana Harbor.

Today, flashing forward, we see CNN causing predictions, beating the drums, hoping upon hope that rather than being a news reporting medium, to be the cause of the news. Purposely? Maybe not, but the results are the same. CNN is leading the civil disturbances in Egypt or at least following the crowds rather closely, hoping to take credit for the beginning of the end of the autocratic rule of President Mubarak.

When one examines the history of modern Egypt, we start with King Farouk in the 1940's, followed by a series of non-elected dictators. Going clear back to the ancient Pharaohs, it is clear that this country has no democratic history. ... Ever. Now it appears that the current government is about to crumble, but not for the reasons CNN and the world press are claiming.

The intransigence of President for life, Mubarak is not because he is indignantly correct, or that he is the only bastion between Egyptian society and the rabid Jihadists. It is simply because he is 82 years old. Stop and think of those old men either in your life or that you are acquainted with. Does anyone think they are flexible and willing to change or to rethink their positions on anything?

No. Aging and the petrification of the brain won't let Mubarak let go, even if all of the evidence points to his ouster. He can't. His mind will not allow the flexibility necessary to turn his life inside out and step down. I say these things as I approach with trepidation my 73rd birthday next month. Rigidity is thy name when past 80. Perhaps with me, it has already started.

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