Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bayview Floods

For the last few days, springs that are normally intermittent, have been flowing over Lime Kiln, building up[ a sheet of ice six inches thick. Bayview Creek, frozen over in spots, dammed up causing street flooding on Main, Corbin,5th and 6th. Also impacted, was the Bayview Mercantile, which is flooded as well.

The road district brought in a front end loader that cleared the ice jams, allowing the waterways to drain normally. Streets have returned to normal, with a few exceptions, such as Lime kiln, which is much improved.

Ice jamming as we are seeing this year, is not a usual problem, but excessive soil moisture coupled with below freezing temperatures has created the problem.

Protected areas among the marinas have iced over, mostly between slips and rows of float homes.A warm up is forecast along with around 7 inches of snow, which being February, will then most likely rain off. We are close to the end of severe winter, and entering the mud and slush phase.


Anonymous said...

If residents kept the drains on their property clear this would not happen. Time for people to take care of business instead of waiting for the government to bail them out all the time.

Bay Views said...

Actually, I believe most of the flooding was caused by ice jams on Bayview Creek. The Merc was flooded because the creek erupted around both sides of the building. Something that has happened about three times since I moved here 15 years ago. Everywhere the creek went through a culvert, ice jammed the pipe and caused the creek to rise out of it's banks. This was much bigger that just a few people not keeping drains free.

Anonymous said...

As is usual here in Bayview, locals gathered to help with the clean-up at The Merch.

I drove by the Merch on my way to my new job but could not stop to help. Upon returning home I had several emails asking for help.

Once again Bayview residents came to the aide of others. What a great place to live.