Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yvonne Wallis Injured ... Again

L. Yvonne Wallis was found on the floor of her home by son, Michael Heath just prior to noon today. Michael doesn't know whether she fainted, or stumbled and hit her head. EMT's from Timberlake and Northern Lakes responded and transported her to Kootenai Hospital.

Just prior to Christmas, Yvonne, along with daughter-in-law Patty Heath and son Michael were attacked by a allegedly deranged man living next door, Larry Cragun. Gragun is currently residing in the Kootenai County Jail awaiting trial for murder, aggrevated assault and other related charges.

Scanner reports indicate she was in and out of consciousness and unresponsive. Her son Michael is currently at her side. It also referred to her as barely breathing. I'll have more as information develops.

Recently, the entire community poured out their generosity,best wishes and prayers. Several fund raisers were held in which a large part of the community stepped up. Perhaps it would be appropriate if those thoughts and prayers were repeated.

NEW: Yvonne hs returned home with a prognosis of nothing worse than an attack of Flu.

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Bay Views said...

I spoke with Yvonne around 3:30 or so. She was still in the ER, but conscious. I asked her how she felt, and her answer was not very well. Norma Jean Knowles, while visiting with her yesterday, remarked that she was complaining about a headache.