Friday, December 14, 2012

Horror In Connecticut

As we try to process what happened in this pastoral residential community, One has to wonder what has happened to us as a society. At age 74, I go back a long way. Never during my childhood did anything like this ever happen. The 1940's, 1950's and 1960's. Nothing.

Now in just a few years we have had college campuses ravaged, schools in Colorado and now Connecticut. It can't be just the automatic weapons, as we understand it, two semi-automatic pistols were used systematically, reloading as needed to kill everyone in two classrooms.

For reasons undisclosed yet, the security system that had been installed didn't work. Either the killer was buzzed through routinely, or the front door wasn't locked. Twenty children didn't meet their parents that gathered at the local fire station to reunite. Finally, the Governor announced if you haven't reunited with your child, you aren't going to. All survivors are out of the school. In addition to the children, either seven or eight adults were also killed, some undoubtedly teachers trying to protect their students and paid with their own lives.

In the days to come stories will come out as to the grade levels that were affected and the other details involved. I would imagine that everyone in this country and beyond are wondering what happened in our society that has spawned multiple killings followed by suicides. Is it lack of mental health programs? Back in the 50's we had none to speak of and we got by. Is it lack of societal character? Has the turn away from churches toward the lack of moral values caused this? Single parented families undoubtedly contribute as the primary teachers of right and wrong, the parents are either divorced, or the economy forces both to work creating latch key kids. What? Something! We have to find out and correct what can be corrected.

I have sixteen grandchildren with another about to be born. What kind of world are we leaving them? Are we facing a total breakdown of polite society where lives are no longer sacred? No answers here, just questions.

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