Friday, December 07, 2012

Take All The Time You Need, Brother!

Or, Take Five. Or Blue Rondo Ala Turk. Much of the music presented in his lifetime was composed by his sax player, but hey, it WAS however, the Dave Brubeck Quartet, It was a strange group. There was the anonymous black guy on bass fiddle, The drummer that always wore dark glasses. ... Do all jazz drummers wear shades? Then there was Dave. When everyone else was doing 4 x4 time or 4 x 2 time he was doing 5/4 or 9/8. The guy was from a different planet, but oh how he could play that jazz piano.

Dave died the other day, at age 91. He died leaving a musical legacy that will probably never be forgotten. As Sachmo was the king of New Orleans Dixieland jazz, Dave will always be the father of off beat progressive jazz. He will be missed. Below is a link should you wish to see and hear the video of the original recording of, "Take Five..

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