Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tomorrow Is The Big Day

Do I expect the world to end tomorrow? Heck no. But at this time of year any excuse for getting out of the house is a good one.

We here in Bayview take a rather casual attitude about this and other so called earth changing or destroying episodes. It's an excuse for a party. Friday pm will will party indeed. The Captain's wheel is having an end of the earth party the evening of Friday the 21st. Featured will be DJ, Paul Celeri and end of the world draft beer. We don't know who brews it, but by the time we find out it will be over.

Obviously drinks will be priced as if it were the end of the world, as indeed it might be. For those staggering home after several hours of course, if a cop stops you, it may indeed be the end of your world. Find a designated driver, then party down. If you wake up the next morning, we'll have to think up other means of celebrating. Perhaps the beginning of the rest of your life.

We expect a good crowd. After all, if your significant other thinks this is her last chance at dinner out, resist at your own risk. Steaks and specials and wow, did I mention the real true cod dinners? Oh and fresh Salmon dinners as well.

I'll be spending much of the day in Spokane with my Son and Daughter In -Law who has promised me a grandchild within the next two or so weeks. But never fear. Herb is here for those lonely last chance ladies that show up with no prospects of a last whoopee. See you there.

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Anonymous said...

Well I was certainly relieved that this morning arrived! Some folks around town however were wishing that the world had ended because they woke up with horrendous hangovers.
Merry Christmas Herb